B2B Lead Generation Services Pay Per Lead Marketing


Below are the various lead generation services that we offer to our customers:

Pay Per Click:

Pay per click is a form of digital marketing, by advertising over the internet that drives traffic to websites linked to such advertisements. Once such an advertisement is clicked and the destination website is opened, the click gets counted for the host of that advertisement, to get paid by the advertiser. This being our preferred marketing tool, we are typically able to get leads at 50-60% cheaper than our competitors can.

Display Advertising:

Display Advertising refers to product or service related banners placed on third-party websites with links to the advertiser’s website. For this type of advertisements, the advertiser pays the third-party website, a time bound fee for the space occupied by the banner.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM or SEO):

SEM is a form of marketing through which a website gets promoted up the order in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), of various such service providers, thereby increasing the website’s viewership, which in turn results in generation of more revenue. This is achieved through the use of, paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion, or through the use of free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Social media marketing:

Social Media Marketing involves marketing customers’ websites by placing advertisements on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. These sites are frequently visited by millions of users and hence the probability of generating leads through such advertisements is more.

Email marketing:

Email Marketing involves sending of electronic mails to a group of people, the e-Mail IDs of who, are acquired through various agencies. There are agencies that sell e-Mail addresses for marketers in bulk. This way it can be ensured that each e-Mail recipient is a prospective lead to the customer.

Video marketing:

Video Marketing is basically online uploading of recorded videos, that of the product and/or service, in a well directed way, so as to explain the use of the respective product and/or service, through enacting by paid actors or through positive testimonial recordings from previous users of the product and/or service. These videos are generally uploaded to websites like YouTube, Facebook, etc., and the links will be shared on various advertisements with attractive captions, that will lure the user to click and play the video, so that an awareness of the product and/or service gets created in the viewers’ mind.